House Brookwood

House Brookwood                                437.3m² GBA
2010 – 2013

Designed by Jean Lombaard as his new family home, the design was envisioned to be a very logical open planned spacial arrangement connecting and integrating into the garden scape. The house rises out of the site as a series of pure isolated geometrical forms logically arranged to create an artistic composition of mass and void. The architect successfully creates tension between different elements and materials through the juxtaposition of these geometrical forms –  creating a hyper-awareness of these elements. The various concrete and stone elements were left as raw and exposed features forming both part of the interior and exterior of the house. The large pocket sliding doors used throughout the house together with the inside-outside elements creates a space that successfully blurs the thresholds between outside and inside living.

House Brookwood in Rondebosch, Cape Town was completed June 2013.

Client:Lombaard Family
Date: July 09, 2013