Telkom Foreshore ETE Relocation & Optimization Project

Telkom Foreshore ETE Relocation & Optimization Project                              

12 250m² + additional 6 140m² GBA
2015 – present

The Optimisation project for Telkom aims to optimise the underutilised and/or vacant floor area of the FORESHORE BUILDING, to increase existing parking capacity and add 4 new office floors to the existing building by extending the lift shafts. The design intends to ensure the spatial optimisation and statutory compliance of the ETE building which will be converted to an office building across 5 floors [but retaining the ETE capacity].

An additional FOUR FLOORS of approx. 6140m2 GBA [Gross building area] will be added with its own dedicated lifts and two extended fire escape stairs. The extra floors will be constructed out of a galvanized steel frame, [painted with intumescent paint] and cladded, with Energy efficient E-glass facade for natural light in the office areas and also to exploit the views of the surrounding area. The existing façade [plinth] will be cladded with maintenance free 4mm composite aluminum panels fixed to an aluminum sub-frame secured to the outside of the existing exposed aggregate panels, thus minimizing penetrations to the building envelope and minimizing interruptions to existing operations.

The ‘occupation class certification’ as per the SANS-10400 NBR plus the ‘total number of people per floor’ is the statutory design criteria employed in this design optimisation. The floor space can be optimised to effectively reduce the average GLA/m2 per person to a more efficient 12m2 per person as set out by the SANS-10400 building regulations.

GREEN BUILDING certification for the converted portion of the building and the new extended office component will be pursued, in accordance with the SANS 10400 XA requirements of passive environmental design developing a passive design response to the site.


Date: September 21, 2015